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Advisory and funded projects

                                         Watch our 1-minute video on the challenges with net zero and affordable housing and get in touch if                                                   you  are interested for in advisory or/and research in those fields. 



The Maturing Shared Ownership Market: A Data-led Analysis, October 2023

Report funded by Sage Homes. We collected data from housing associations to assess the role of rent arrears, mortgage arrears and staircasing for Shared Ownership housing in England.

Scoping study for an evaluation of the Affordable Homes Programme 2021-26


Leading a consortium on a a scoping study for the evaluation of the AHP2026 for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC). (November 2021-May 2022). The report established a Theory of Change and guides the future evaluators in how the future evaluation of the public spending on the AHP should be modelled. In particular, we are interested in how outcomes and impacts can be measured for different time periods. 

Work from Home and Commercial Real Estate – Evidence from Stock Markets, November 2021.

Leading on a project funded by the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) looking at the effect of work from home announcements of tenants on landlords using the case of real estate investment trusts in selected European countries. 

Double or Quits: The influence of longer-term grant funding on affordable housing supply, September 2020. 

Leading on a report commissioned by the National Housing Federation, CASE Housing Associations, and Shelter assessing how long-term funding through the Affordable Homes Programme can affect housing supply.

Innovative Financing: Sustainability in the Built Environment, March 2021.

Providing expertise on green financing for Vivid Economics, resulted in a report for Connected Places Catapult, December 2020 - March 2021.

Bridging the Gap - Enhancing Private Investment in Future Infrastructure Provision, May 2020.

Together with the University of Ulster working on a report commissioned by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) assessing the role of private capital for infrastructure provision across the world. 

Kent County Council

Affordable housing select committee, evidence panel, 2020.

Welsh Government (Senedd Cymru)

Inquiry into the Welsh Government's capital funding sources, evidence panel, 2019.


Net Zero Affordable Housing – A comparison between Sweden and the UK, June 2021.


Leading on a project funded by UCL Cities Partnerships programme on Net Zero projects in the real estate sector in Sweden and the UK and drawing lessons and best practices from each country.  This is joint project with KTH in Sweden. (December 2020 - July 2021)

The Case of Affordable Housing: a global perspective on financing and institutional ownership, September 2019. 

Leading on a project funded by the UCL Bartlett 100 initiative to commemorate 100 years since the inception of the Bartlett Faculty. The project consists in organizing a conference of 100+ participants at UCL's Here East campus gathering academics and industry to debate topics related to financing of affordable housing. The conference featured as one of the main events around the celebrations of the Bartlett centenary. 

The Case of Affordable Housing - Private Sector Investment in Social Infrastructure, June 2018.

Leading on a project funded by the UCL's Bartlett Innovation Fund to organize a conference bringing together leading industry experts, policy makers and academics to unpack topics related to private sector investment in affordable housing

Supporting Smart Urban Growth: Successful Investing in Density, 2016-2017.

Being part of a University of Reading consortium of academics working on a report commissioned by the Urban Land Institute and New Climate Economy assessing how urban density can affect the real estate sector. 

The impact of financial market regulatory announcements on the European listed real estate sector, 2015-2016.

Leading a project for the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) that looks at the impact of financial market regulations like Basel III on the listed real estate sector in Europe. 

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